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  • The Continental Marriage is Better

    Male-Female Relationship lessons learned from Ukraine. 1 – Men are barely tamed gorillas. Love them. Feed them. F– them. If necessary dress them. 2 – Women are incomprehensible. Their job is to love. Love them. Supply them. Make them feel safe. 3 – No talk of equality or how we should behave. No trying to train or change each other. […]

  • Is Male Bonding The Source Of Civilization?

    (hmmm… well, lets do a propertarian analysis of that question) —“How do you feel about mannerbunds?”—Harrison Baker Well you know, I tend to stay away from silly terminology and instead make operationally testable statements. men evolved to work in groups of brothers to herd women, hold territory, and kill competitors and take their stuff. this requires both cooperation: shared risk, […]

  • Love Doesn’t Require Debate

    We are supposed to love women and care for them. We are not supposed to debate with them over true or false. Only whether a want is possible for the two of us, or impossible for the two of us. Our education, commerce, and politics places too much emphasis on true or false or good or bad, and too little […]