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From The Home Page you can:

  1. Register, and
  2. Login.


Then Login

Home Page

From The Home Page you can:

  1. Use the Profile Menu to enter the Institute Application.

The application contains:

  1. The Courses System
  2. The Groups and Forums System
  3. The Social Media System


Your Profile

1) Your Postings.
2) Profile Menu (on left)

From the My Page (Profile) Page

Use the My Page (Profile) Feed to

  • Post new content
  • Review your previously posted content

Use the Top Menu to Filter the Messages by

  • Personal
  • Mentions
  • Favorites
  • Friends
  • Groups

It’s unlikely you will use most of these features until you are experienced with the application.

Use the Profile Menu, on the Left to:

  1. View Activity (default view)
  2. See Notifications
  3. Read and Send Messages
  4. View Your:
  • Friends 
  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Courses
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments 
  • Orders (For Courses)


The Main Feed

(Like Facebook’s ‘Home’)

From the Main Feed

Use the main feed to see all the incoming activity from everyone you’re associated with.

Our Blog

From The Blog

The Blog is an archive from about 2009 to present of almost everything Curt has made public, plus contributions from dozens of others.

Searching the Blog

Use the Search box and pick a phrase or keywords to return a list of all the quotes, posets, and articles that we have archived.

Propertarianism References Menu

From the Propertarianism Menu

You can learn about propertarianism in its current state of development.

  1. Select Main Menu, then
  2. Propertarianism

You’ll see the Propertarianism References Menu.

We update the content regularly so the list changes.

Most important for new readers is:

  1. The Overview
  2. Learning Propertarianism
  3. And The Reading List

If you want to learn about criticisms of Propertarianism, Curt’s method of using King of the Hill Games, or his ‘combative‘ style read:

  • Answering Criticisms, and
  • The “GSRRM” Technique.
  • A Short Course in Abrahamic Argument.

There is a method to his technique of ‘Teaching Men’ in the “Locker Room” of Internet discourse.


Your Education

Courses, Assignments, Quizzes, Grades, Orders, and Settings

From the Your Education Page you can

Use the Top Tabs to:

  • Access your courses – both those you’re taking and those you teach.
  • View your:
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes (we don’t really us them often)
    • Grades
    • Certificates
    • Orders

And you can use the Settings tab to change publicly available information such as

  • Your Name
  • Nickname
  • Display Name
  • Bio (about yourself)


The “Agora” (Everyone Forum)

Public Discussions

From the Everyone or Agora Forum

  • You can find, join, or create new topics of general interest

Note that you can use the feed for announcements.
Forums are best used for topics that might continue for some time.

Groups Listing

From the Groups Page

  • Find, Join or Create a Public or Private Group.
  • You have the choice of whether to create a Forum for your group.

In Real Life Meetups.

From the Meetups Page

  • Use the Meetups to Register your Group or Organization – even if you’re just searching for people nearby.
  • Use the Events System (or more popular Meetup.com) or Facebook to schedule events.
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