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Our Goals In Working With You

We want to provide our students, our movement, and the people with talented people who are dedicated our civilization, and our movement, and who will provide the education they were denied, in the aristocratic tradition of western civilization: Heroism, Excellence, Truth, Beauty, Duty, Oath, Reciprocity, and the Natural Law.

But we also want you to be successful at it, and love what you're doing. It's one of the most fulfilling social activities you can engage in.

Besides, we're all friends here so to speak.


The only material qualification that matters is your ability to produce and deliver the course material in professional quality and manner. Yes. We'll collaborate with you on it. But if you haven't done it before, it's far, far, harder than you think. It takes about a week of effort to produce a single class worth of content.

Other than that, see the Instructor Rules tab above for specifics.

Academic Openings

  • PROJ103 Operational, Program, and Project Management
  • STAT103 Statistics 1, STAT113 Statistics 2
  • ATG103 Basic Accounting 1, ATG103 Basic Accounting 2
  • ECON103 Micro Economics: Supply and Demand
  • LEAD103 Assertion, Negotiation, and Persuasion

Military Openings

  • LEAD106 Leadership of Heterogeneous Groups
  • WAR203 Fundamentals: Fire, Movement, Fitness, Load, and Medical
  • WAR303 Tactics in Fourth Generation Warfare
  • WAR403 Strategy, Communications, Targeting, Planning, and Management
  • WAR503 The Study Of Warfare by Non State Actors
  • WAR603 General Staff: Seminar in War Planning

Simple Math.

  • Instructors get 50%
  • Program Managers get 10%
  • The Institute gets 40%
  • Catch? Course material has to be completed before payment, even if course delivery is not. Why? So someone else can pick up if you don't. We don't do refunds but we do deliver what we promise.

The economics of teaching online is pretty simple: be cheaper and better than your local college or university (which is pretty easy), run classes of 8-12 people as soon as you you fill them. Although there really is no limit either small or large - other than your time. You can include as few or many students at a time as you like. And if you get a few classes running, then within a year you'll make something between a car, rent, or mortgage payment for (a) chatting online in one-room-schoolhouse fashion, and (b) grading assignments.

But we don't do this for money - and you shouldn't either.

Simple Incentives

Teaching a course in any subject will bring you coffee and croissant money unless you're popular for some reason or other. But, it will provide you with career, social, and personal legitimacy, status, and advantage that follows you throughout your life.

Moreover, there is no better way of understanding a subject, than teaching it, and surviving constant questions and criticism from students.

The reason to teach, and the reason our people need you to teach, is to change the world for the better. And if that isn't motivation enough for you then this isn't a place for you.


For Academic Programs

You must take, complete and do reasonably well in the Foundations Course. Without this course there is little chance you will deliver the course material in concert with our goals.

In addition:
  • Produce professional quality work products.
  • Use the general format of the classes using video and slide deck, including
  • A Preview Video covering the course content and objective.
  • A Curriculum (outline of the course content)
  • Organized by Section and Lesson.
  • ... A lesson will include
  • ... ... what we will cover,
  • ... ... an organized presentation of the topic
  • ... ... dimensions list if possible (variables), summary
  • ... ... An assignment consisting of Readings, Videos,
  • Totalling 15 hours of course material and 15 hours of Assignments per course credit, meaning 45-50 hours of course material, and about the same in assignments. (We don't do 'quizzes'.)
  • Grade Assignments in a timely fashion (Before the next class, or within seven days).
  • Our Method is Social. So teach by playing the king of the hill game. This means taking a position whether on a subject whether you agree with it or not and engaging the students in debate on that subject in competitive fashion. (We will advise you on the technique, It's a competitive version of the socratic method.)
  • Support all students through completion of the course.

For Job Skill Programs

Nothing novel here. Same as above except:
  • These are the usual subjects and our interest is in teaching real world applications. If you have taught this work before or wish to, there are standardized texts and curriculum you can use to teach the material. We will work with you to provide the institutes context - which means, using current tools, technique, and technology, and in accounting, economics, and project management in particular, including some insights from our work here.

For Training Programs

Nothing novel here. Same as above, except:
  • No talking, just doing. Just demonstrate and imitate. There is a nonsense cult , woo woo, pseudoscience and metaphysical drivel to most fitness and we're specifically against it. Our goal is to make fit men in the prussian tradition, and to socialize while doing it.
  • We prefer every activity is organized as a competition.
  • Practice Grey Man Discipline: Men from all walks of life want to socialize, play dominance games, and exercise with other men. Keep "Dress and Kit Simple". Don't alienate each other by economic status.
  • "Get it done."

For Everyone

  • You represent the institute in all walks of life. Do nothing in any walk of life that reflects negatively upon the institute.
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