The Dystopian Future Of Cities – Concrete And Rubble VS Star Trek

As I spend more of my time trying to understand the different ways by which the USA will degenerate from its position of trade-empire, I have been working on the future of cities, which will even more dominantly influence the future culturally, morally, economically and politically.

There is a healthy literature on it. And it’s quite the opposite future that the libertarians fantasized about.

Writings on our Dystopian Future:

The Feral Cities Paper;col1
(Local copy for reference)

The Building Blog and Cities Under Siege

The Books
The Fires by Joe Flood
Planet of Slums by Mike Davis
Cities Under Siege by Stephen Graham
Urban Nightmares by Steve Macek
The Unheavenly City by Banfield

Mike Davis wrote in Planet of Slums, “the cities of the future, rather than being made out of glass and steel as envisioned by earlier generations of urbanists, are instead largely constructed out of crude brick, straw, recycled plastic, cement blocks, and scrap wood. Instead of cities of light soaring toward heaven, much of the twenty-first-century urban world squats in squalor, surrounded by pollution, excrement, and decay.”

The future of the world is the south american model. It is quite different from the future envisioned by the Protestants, Libertarians and liberals.

It certainly isn’t the orderly civility and sterility of star trek – as if the upper middle class ran the world rather than the proletariat.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s oft-repeated remark that “the modern city is a place for banking and prostitution and very little else.”

Be careful what you wish and plan for, if what you wish and plan for is counter to human nature.

The approach to Natural Law combined with heroic aspiration is different from the myth of equality and heroic aspiration.

We’re going to see the south american model.

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