The Second and Further Questions Of Politics

The first question of politics is ‘why do I not kill you and take your stuff?’ (Why should we form a cooperative order, versus a dictatorship)

The Second question of politics is ‘what are our property definitions, both communal and several?’ (how shall we break the world into actionable bits)

The second question of politics, is ‘what are our norms?’ (‘What is our shareholder agreement over the treatment of those property definitions?’)

The third question of politics is ‘how do we prevent corruption, fraud, theft and violence against several and communal property?’ (The privatization of public assets and the involuntary transfer of assets, against the terms of our shareholder agreement.)

The fourth question of politics is ‘how do we create institutions to resolve conflict over property and norms?’ ( How do we register citizenship, register property ownership, what requirements we place on individual behavior, and what is the manner of our judiciary for the resolution of disputes)

The fifth question of politics is ‘how do we suppress the numan desire for corruption?’

The sixth question of politics is ‘How shall we coordinate, choose and administer investments on the behalf of shareholders?’

The seventh question of politics is ‘how do we distribute the surplus from our investments to our shareholders should we have any?’

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