Property In Everything: The Source Of Egalitarian Sentiment


[T]he human moral sense is not so much egalitarian as that egalitarianism is the outcome of four competing instincts: the desire to constrain alphas, with the desire to be them, with the desire to breed them, with the desire to raise young who perpetuate our genes.

We know that humans try to constrain alphas. We know that we had to do so in order to develop cooperation. It is possible that it’s the singular reason we developed cooperation – unlike our ape relatives.

Once we suppress violence with the institution of property, alphas demonstrate their superiority with asset accumulation in all its forms.

There is a vast difference from constraining an alpha from creating involuntary transfers because of a concentration of capital of some kind, and constraining alphas in order to improve one’s signaling potential.

The first is to prevent theft. The second is an act of theft.

The institution of property answers everything.

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