A Definition Of HBD Human Bio Diversity (At The Request Of HBD Chick.)


HUMAN BIO-DIVERSITY: “The study of heritable human genetic differences and the variation in distribution of those differences within human populations that show affinity for one another. And where those affinities express themselves as political, social, familial, and personal institutions, behaviors, abilities and preferences. And where those expressions of differences have economic, institutional, and normative consequences, and where those consequences cause economic and political competition and conflict. HBD is an attempt to understand the source of differences in modes and methods of human cooperation due to biological and normative differences.” – Curt Doolittle


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  1. Very glad you put together the reading list you have!

    While I’ve known about “The Bell Curve” for years, I never really got around to getting a copy until I noticed you recommended it. A real shame that many have a false idea of what the book tries to communicate.

    Looks like I’ll have to get a copy of “Human Accomplishment” soon. Sometime I think it would be great if you would do either a post or series of posts on where you agree and disagree with “What it Means to be a Libertarian.”

    Have yet to read it myself, but I’m pretty intrigued with your spin on Libertarian thought and I think plenty others would get an idea of where you come ideologically (with Propertarianism) if there was something more familiar people could compare it to.

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