What Do Foreigners Find Most Annoying About Americans?

1) Our nationalism was intentionally created in order to fight the world wars, then to win the cold war against the plague of international communism. Americans are actually naturally insular.  THe problem is that we’re stuck with running this empire that we inherited from the brits, and the europeans won’t carry their own water.

2)  Americans are wealthy enough so that even our ignorant lower classes can afford to travel. Like every other culture, our ignorant lower classes outnumber middle and upper middle classes.

3) I think our ignorance is not the issue that’s so frustrating – the entire world has the same distribution of ignorance in their societies. But Americans have the highest measurable CONFIDENCE in the world (an intentional goal of our education system).  And its the combination of average ignorance and overstated confidence that’s so annoying.

Heck. I find it annoying.  ;/


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