Why Are Gay People Asking For The Right To Marry? If It Is Legal Stuff They Are Asking For, Can’t They Go To Some Separate Setup For Partners?

1) Corporeal Assets. Because “marriage” under the corporeal state is in fact a CORPORATION, with two shareholders, and all property not specifically set aside in a prenuptial agreement is contributed to, and an asset of, the CORPORATION upon creation of the marriage corporation.  A marriage corporation is a significant benefit to those who enter into them. Economically, a marriage corporation is much more advantageous than an living as an individual (sole proprietorship). Not the least of which is because of the increased credit that is available, and the decreased statistical risk that married couples exhibit.

2) Parity Membership. (status equality) Because homosexuality is instinctively ostracized in most cultures, and people don’t like being ostracized.  First as a ‘defect’ and secondly as a ‘immoral corruption’.  It appears that homosexuality is an in-utero genetically caused ‘defect’, that ‘defect’ has no negative consequences OTHER than those that derive from our instinctual biases. Secondly, as an in-utero defect, it is not a CHOICE and therefore not a matter of ‘immoral corruptoin’ or a danger to those who are ‘normal’.  As such we have enough knowledge to counter our instinctual biases, and enough knowledge to abandon our cultural biases.

As such, no longer deserving stigma, homosexuals, as any healthy social human, desire ‘acceptance’ (to receive positive status signals) in the society.

3) Binding commitment.  Homosexuals demonstrate high levels of promiscuity – and unlike heterosexuals, whose promiscuity creates the problem of children without economic support – there is little harm to it.  As such the function of a marriage corporation creates a greater economic incentive in support of preventing promiscuity and preserving both the economic and emotional investments we make.

4) Pledge of commitment: The promise of a marriage will tend to give each of us access to superior mates (yes it does).  Without this pledge of commitment homosexuals do not have the way demonstrate their commitment to quality partners.  Trust is a difficult thing to come by.

5) Conformity to norms. In an effort to obtain the right of marriage the homosexual community has ‘reigned in’ its more extravagant public behavior, which has reduced the level of objection prevoiusly held by moderates.  Further, unlike women’s rights activists and racial activists, homosexuals are not asking for redistribution benefits, OR for other special rights – other than the questionable ‘hate crimes’ that is already in force.

6) Religions are the last resistance to homosexual marriage.  This is partly for doctrinal reasons, and partly because the gay community aligned with the feminist, and left political wings, and in doing so, added to what religious groups consider an attack on the nuclear family, on traditional male and female roles, to the status signals available to those who fulfill traditional male and female roles – and from their perspective, an attack on civilization itself. This voting block is both activist and uniform, and provides a resistance to both the expansionary state and to culture.  For this reason the real opposition for homosexuals is in fact, organized religion, because organized religion is the source of the nuclear family’s traditional moral legitimacy.

I hope that is a sufficient answer for you. Although I did have to rush the end a bit.   – Cheers.


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