Dont Throw Out The Libertarian Baby With The Progressive Bathwater

LIBERTARIAN != ROTHBARDIAN ANARCHO CAPITALIST. Classical liberals are also ‘libertarians’. Rothbardians via the Mises institute adopted the tactics of the marxists, but this time, using the internet – so they’re ‘everywhere’. Anarcho capitalism was structured like the marxist IDEOLOGY. It is a MORAL, not scientific argument, for ideological rather than political purposes.

The anarcho capitalist program DID give us:
a) the incentives of a bureaucracy are worse than the incentives of a monarchy.
b) the critique that democracy was simply a slow road to communism,
c) propertarian ethics that make all moral codes commensurable and
d) the use of competing insurance companies to replace monopoly bureaucracy.
e) the sufficiency of the common law, and the necessity for it.
f) the state as the cause of ‘evil corporations’.
g) the required prohibition on law-making, and the constraint of government to contract negotiation between groups.

What it did not give us is:
a) means of investments in commons (government)
b) means of preventing free riding, fraud by omission, theft via externality, privatization of gains and socialization of losses.
c) a means of accommodating the collectivism of women in their effort to restore the sex economy in favor of the productive economy (but that’s too long a discussion.)

Thankfully others have given us:
a) lottocratic representation
b) direct democracy

And hopefully I’m trying to fix that. I think I have. But I’m not sure.

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