What Is The Best Kanban Board Software That Integrates With Sharepoint?

Thanks for asking me to answer this question.

Unfortunately I can’t do it comfortably, because all the products that I would classify as ‘good’ or ‘recommended’, are not on Sharepoint. The reason is architectural.   Although Sharepoint is an amazing and nearly universal product.   Sharepoint isn’t well designed for this problem and neither is Jira really, although at Atlassian they do an amazing job of it.

This space is our industry, and we know if fairly well, and the best tool we can find for pure (analytical) devs is TargetProcess. It’s very powerful and nerdy. The best tool for production support, and the industry standard is Jira. Jira is simple and usable if you can tolerate the rather terrible navigation. There are a half dozen others that are extremely good.  But these are our top two choices, and they’re the one’s we recommend if our product Oversing would be overkill.

Our product is probably the most powerful solution by a couple orders of magnitude, but it’s for running an entire services business and making money at it, and so it’s not just a dev tool, and it’s not on Sharepoint.

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