Why Doesn't It Occur To Us That We Don't Need A Single, Monopoly Government?


I mean, why does that make sense? If the problem is, that each of us wants different distribution of property rights, then why cant we form organizations with different property rights? It’s not like courts don’t adjudicate by property rights anyway. They have to. Our disputes are over behavior in public, our ability to insulate ourselves from certain kinds of public behavior, and to choose to invest in family and relations, or individuals and the commons.

Surely interpersonal disputes over property, and insurance disputes over our claims on one another through our government are not required to be the same.

The only reason to have a single government, is so that you can oppress and steal. Since it’s not possible to cooperate without personal property rights, and the entire world has finally adopted that position, the question is only what is done with the proceeds of labor and exchange. How much do we get to keep? What is our ‘FEE’ for insurance by our government.

But there isn’t really any reason you can’t join your own government, when government is not much more than an insurance company.

The only reason for any monopoly is extort from people. That’s what monopolies do. Public OR private.

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