The Origins of Property As Increasing Prohibitions on Discounts


From Property to Private Property, High Trust Private Property, and Anarchic High Trust Private Property.

1. Community Property is the result of the partial suppression of discounts
1.1 Violence (asymmetry of force)

2. Private property is the result of additional suppression of indirect discounts
2.1 Theft (asymmetry of control)
2.2 Fraud (false information)
2.3 Free Riding (using externalities for self benefit)

3. High Trust Private Property is the RESULT of total Suppression of Personal Discounts.
3.1 Omission (Omitting information)
3.2 Obscurantism (Obscuring information)
3.3 Obstruction (Inhibiting someone else’s transaction)
3.4 Externalization (externalizing costs of any transaction)
3.5 Socializing Losses (externalization to commons)
3.6 Privatizing Gains (appropriation of commons)

4. Anarchic High Trust Private Property is Result of the total suppression of organized discounts
4.1 Rent Seeking (organizational free riding)
4.2 Corruption ( organized rent seeking)
4.3 Conspiracy (organized indirect theft)
4.4 Extortion (Organized direct theft)
4.5 War (organized violence)

(Note: almost there. I am trying to tie property rights to trust (velocity) )

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