Why Does The 1.7% Jewish Population In Usa Have So Much Political Power?


I’m going to give the answer that is impolitic and true.  Mostly because I’m kind of curious how people  interpret it.  Just a draft.

That’s the answer.  But why?

If your gene pool does not have an evolutionary strategy that it can compete with against other groups, then it will fail.  Europeans were poor people on the edge of the bronze age who had to rely on small numbers to hold land.  To do this they favored technology and a novel kind of cooperation that we call the individualistic and heroic mythos.  Jews by contrast were not a landed people, but a migratory one, right at the center of the bronze age explosion, and unsuccessful at holding land. 

Landholder ethics are very different from transitory ethics. Land means you can invest in fixed assets, craftsmanship, and industry. You can raise crops, and domesticated animals.  You have to defend them, and that requires a great personal sacrifice on the part of most members.

0) Empirically measurable verbal advantage in Ashkenazim due to eugenic mating.
1) High investment parenting.
3) High investment in in-group success (ethnocentrism).
4) In-Group Cooperation and Out Group predation.
5) Lower ethical requirements in out-group predation.

The first three properties are beneficial and are helpful to host countries. We get specialists in the skills that ORGANIZE production and trade. In a culture that specializes in organizing war (landholding) and property rights, and production.

However, the last two are damaging to host countries and populations and the USA is no exception. So it is a 50/50 proposition when one has a large Jewish population because of these factors. The good comes with the bad, and in general, historically speaking, this strategy was effective enough that host peoples eventually rebelled against it.

Any group sufficiently separate within a host country cannot break the US and THEM barrier that is required for the extension of trust to the state. So the jewish model cannot succeed in any legitimate state – rather any state considered legitimate by its people.

Jewish ethics are more limited than protestant ethics, and jews have, in every host country they have ever been in, gravitated by intention, to those roles that were, and are extractive, because of this lower standard of ethics.
(For the best scholarly treatment see Kevin McDonald’s _The Culture of Critique_. Three volumes on his study of the Jewish cultural survival strategy.)

0) Use small numbers, technology, mobile tactics, professional warriors, and egalitarian enfranchisement in property rights to hold land and animals against competitors.
1) Suppress all free riding, so that everyone produces, leaves, or dies.
2) Break property (land and animals) into family divisions to eliminate free riding
3) Prevent the centralization of power, so that members retain their property.
4) Outbreed so that relations and trust are widespread, and conflict is minimized.
5) Conquer if you can. Raid if you can. Trade if you cannot.
This system is weak unless there is high criteria for entry. The enlightenment weakened that limit on entry, and universal democratic enfranchisement eliminated it.

To cooperate in their environments, different cultures suppress different levels of ‘theft’ from the direct, to the indirect. And the reason for the High Trust West and our “Protestant Ethic” is that westerners have suppressed more kinds of theft and cheating than any other people on earth. This suppression was also eugenic for similar reasons that helped the Jews compete – if forces out non-conformists.

Our suppression of all types of criminality, theft and immorality, and very rigid moral and ethical requirements literally suppress nearly all options EXCEPT participation in the market. This is largely because in northern Europe above the Hanjal line, the church outlawed cousin marriage, and the large land owners only would rent land to married couples who could be trusted to produce.

These to factors led to the absolute nuclear family that is unique to northern europe, and the culture of hard work as a status symbol.  The extension of property rights to women broke up the ability for large families to compete with the church for land. The result was that almost every form of ‘free riding’ was suppressed both practically and eventually normatively. And the prohibition on cousin marriage created an enormous extended family and the ethic that comes with an extended family.  We call this ethic christian universalism. But it is not present in southern europe or anywhere outside of the Hanjal line. 

Furthermore, the absolute nuclear family and its requirement for self sufficiency does not exist outside of those cultures. And it was that family structure that the founders brought to the north american colonies, and the rule of law and the nuclear family persisted in america without the overhead of aristocracy until the 1970’s.  (Now 40% of children are born to single mothers, and in real terms, after redistribution, only about a quarter of households are self sufficient and pay taxes.)

(In economic terms ‘Discounts’)
So lets look at what we can suppress from the most simple to the most complex.
Fraud by omission   
Fraud by obfuscation
Profiting from suffering
Profiting from disadvantage
Profit without contribution
Profit from Interference in the acts of others
Externalization of costs
Privatization of the commons
Socialization of losses into the commons
Free riding
Rent seeking
Monopoly (government is technically a monopoly)
Ostracization and Displacement
Conquest through Overbreeding
Conquest through Immigration
Conquest through religious conversion
Conquest through Enslavement
Conquest through war.

Westerners managed to suppress all the moral prohibitions. Even within families, where, almost universally, free riding is not only expected but encouraged.

But jewish ethics in most of history stop at THEFT, and in the 20th century at fraud. And a disproportionate percentage of Jews actively participated in, if not specialized in, what in the west was traditionally considered unethical and immoral industries. Which would include the mass media, advertising, entertainment, pornography, credit, banking, finance, law.

The jewish ethic can be captured in the statement “it only takes two people to agree to a trade”.  Unfortunately, that may be true, but the consequences of any trade affect all members of the community. It is this set of consequences, which economists call ‘externalities’ that allow the ‘cheater’ to use a single interaction to effectively extract wealth involuntarily from people outside of the transaction.  This prohibition on externalities is the practical meaning of the term ‘immoral’.  Just as the prohibition on taking advantage of asymmetry of information is the definition of ‘unethical’.

So the problem is not so much that jews do this or that as it is the over representation of jews in industries that are enticingly profitable, but which are moral hazards, and westerners by their emphasis on  production and craft, and prohibition on ‘cunning’ (cheating), controlled not by law, but by morals. 

This is why Jews excel everywhere but best in the west: our high trust society gives their particular lack of moral standard outgroup requirement, extraordinary opportunity for success, and their scientific intellectuals greater freedom to work.

If you specialize in what the host nation considers unethical and immoral behavior, and can get away with it, then it is very profitable.  The problem is, almost no other civilizations prohibit as much of the moral and ethical spectrum as northern europeans. So northern european countries and the anglosphere provide greater opportunity for profiting from unethical and immoral action.

The jews have been disliked almost everywhere that they’ve been successful, and it is their historical preference for cheating, by verbal means where possible, and profiting from unethical and immoral cheating where possible, that has generally led to their prosecution.

Cheating, especially through various credit schemes (creating a hazard) is extremely profitable. Jewish ingroup bias was particularly useful in creating trust relationships for financing during the hard currency eras. 

If you study the Ethics of Gypsies they are very close to jewish ethics, but they lack the intelligence and discipline to move from profit by crime to profit by unethical and immoral actions.

But what is most interesting is that despite being the most literate people in europe jews produced no significant science or literature, while starting in 1200 in England the opposite happened.  It appears that only with the structure of western high trust society and the acceptance of jews into western society have the jews been able to contribute to world knowledge. Even if, some of that knowledge (Marx, Freud and Cantor, just like Kant and Rousseau) was pseudoscientific and very damaging to the west.

–And jewish banking became especially useful after the extermination of the Templars. Competing financiers would have provided the states with competitors to jewish bankers and assisted in controlling rates.  But the templars made a mistake in trying to obtain land as well as retain their banking and that was too much of a risk for the governments.–

Prior to the war era immigration of eastern european jews, American Jews had become indistinguishable from conservative Scots who dominated business in american institutions. To the point of being accepted into elite institutions.  At this point jewish identity has merged with the american model fairly deeply and intermarriage is eroding the prior social structure.  So what has happened to the English appears to be happening to the jews.

Now, again, assuming that indoctrination and assimilation will leave jews like the english, scots and germans, an advantaged minority population,

Israel has demonstrated that it may in fact be possible for the jews to hold land develop land holder ethics, and build a state, but at the cost of suppressing the rampant free riding in their more religious members. It may also occur that once again, jewish culture and ethics are insufficient to hold a territory. And given that israel is the most technically advanced society in the region, even if dependent on american handouts, that the loss would be tragic.

I write about ethics in order to explain the economic consequences of different ethical models, as well as why the western ethical model created the high performing high trust society and others did not. This high trust model, wherever it survives, provides a dramatic difference in economic performance that no other civilization has matched.

No other philosopher has successfully articulated the cause and consequence of western high trust ethics. All groups need an evolutionary strategy.  But not only do northern Europeans need the high trust society to compete, but given what the high trust society produces in terms of innovation and exchange, the world also needs the high trust society to prevail. 

Westerners do not understand their history or why they succeeded despite being a poor illiterate people, small in number, far from the origin of civilization, because their history is articulated in moral and allegorical language not in ratio scientific terms. They cannot defend their social system because they do not understand it. The enlightenment project was a scheme for the seizure of political power from the landed aristocracy by the new middle class. And the mythos of democracy was used to suppress the Aristocratic origins of western civilization. As it turns out the purpose of large democratic states appears largely to be, ever since Napoleon, the export of war and conquest.

The purpose of my work is to make it possible for westerners to rationally debate their values against the encroachment of other value systems so that we can preserve the high trust society – for themselves, and everyone else.

I hope this was useful. This is a draft of a longer argument and I might revise and extend it later.  Of course, I expect all sorts of childish nonsense but this is how it is.


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