Equality And Inequality In Propertarianism

We may be unequally valuable to one another in the marketplace. That’s just an empirically obvious fact.

We may be unequally capable of mastering and applying skills, interpreting current events, planning successfully for the future, and adhering to those plans.

We may be unequally desirable as family members, friends, mates and associates. That too is an obvious fact.

But we are EQUALLY VALUABLE and EQUALLY DESIRABLE as universal suppressors of free riding, rent seeking, fraud and crime.

Moral theory does not separate our productive, reproductive, associative, and institutional values that each of us brings. Property rights theory does not separate our different values either, because when these ideas were developed we were economically indifferent except in our willingness to work hard and discipline ourselves.

Economic reward in our civilization is based almost entirely upon our economic performance. But increasingly, we are unequal in our economic performance – and because labor is, and always has been, of little value, this inequality will only continue to increase.

However, we are rewarded unequally for our unequal economic contribution. But that economic contribution, in our society, is predicated on the persistence of the high trust society, whereby we participate in the absolute nuclear family structure, and we are each responsible for the restraint from, prohibition upon, and policing of crime, free riding, rent seeking, corruption and conquest, in all walks of life.

As such, it seems irrational that people pay the high cost of not engaging in criminal, unethical, immoral, conspiratorial and conquest behaviors, yet are not rewarded for them.

The libertarian argument suggests that respect for these criminal, ethical, moral and political rules merely grants one access to society and market. But that is a hard argument to make. The productive could not produce without the efforts of the unproductive in maintaining the prohibitions.

SO why not pay them for it, and not pay them when they fail?

This is the basic argument that the Left Libertarians (bleeding heart libertarians) fail to make.

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