Under Ternary Logic We Get “Seller Beware”


Under binary logic (of argumentation) we get “buyer beware”. (Rejection || Consent)

REJECTION (binary 0)
Ostracization from all opportunity for any exchange.
Boycott of all exchanges.
Rejection of exchange.

CONSENT (binary 1)
Restitution via court
Voluntary, fully informed, warrantied exchange free of negative externality. (high trust, low friction, low opportunity cost)
Voluntary exchange (low trust, high friction, high opportunity cost)

But under ternary logic we ‘seller beware’ (Rejection || Consent || Violence)

VIOLENCE (ternary)
Restitution via violence
Transfer via violence.

High trust societies employ “seller beware”. “You are responsible for your actions”.

William L. Benge
If what you argue qualifies — and in my mind it does — then justice is higher logic, which would go far in explaining it’s innateness in human conscience. imo

William L. Benge
Confined by higher logic, though, how ever would the justices be able to go all willy nilly on us and rule into effect one crazy abberation after another like they love to do? A dilemma.

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