Compatibilism: The Compatible Predatory Strategies of Whites and Jews

(truth, optimistic, politically incorrect)

—“The backbone of the race denial movement was a specific radical Jewish subculture that had become entirely within the mainstream of the American Jewish community by the early twentieth century—the subject of Chapters 2and 3 of The Culture of Critique (see also here). There is excellent evidence for their strong Jewish identifications, their concern with specific Jewish issues such as anti-Semitism, and for their hostility and sense of moral and intellectual superiority toward the traditional people and culture of America.Jonathan Marks is a contemporary example of this long and dishonorable tradition.”—


[W]ell, on one hand its true, and there isn’t anything novel about the argument – it’s central to the jewish enlightenment: how to use secular arguments to justify retention of jewish group evolutionary strategy. On the other hand, if a people, white people in this case, are susceptible to self-hatred, excessive gullibility, and universalism, I tend to blame the gullible not those trying to justify fitting into society.

Whites have an exceptional evolutionary strategy: high trust universalism, cult of the warrior, organized arms, technology, conquest and colonization. This is an evolutionary strategy for a minority that must compete against wealthier and more numerous peoples. Decentralization is a very powerful force for competing against centralized societies better able to concentrate force. Conversely, Jews have traditionally relied upon a more parasitic rather than competitive or colonial strategy. These two strategies actually help one another because each group basically needs the other, because it avoids the specializations of the other.

But we can’t deny that christians are responsible for predatory colonialism and jews for the promulgation of, and absurd success at, creating pseudosciences and pseudo moral arguments justifying parasitism.

Just how is is. We whites shouldn’t be exporting war and colonization even if it drags people out of ignorance and poverty. And jews shouldn’t be propagating pseudosciences to justify their inclusion in society while retaining their parasitism. But we do. ‘Cause its been an evolutionary success to do so. And evolutionary success matters. You can criticize someone’s evolutionary success. If it’s guns, germs and steel, or if its pseudoscience and parasitism the difference is irrelevant. They’re both means of predation upon others.

I tend to not deny the truth of our past actions, but to ask what we can do going forward to take advantage of our natural superiorities without parasitism and predation.

Curt Doolittle

(edited and reposted for archival purposes)

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