Cosmopolitan Libertinism (Rothbardian Libertarianism) : "Yet Another God That Failed"

[M]isesian / Rothbardian / Hoppeian attempt to capture the credibility of classical liberal Austrianism by means of Cosmopolitan critique. Instead, it was just another pseudoscientific attack on western civilization. Just like Marx, Freud, Frankfurt, and Postmoderns: a sustained attack on the ethic of the west: aristocratic egalitarianism. And we were fooled into thinking that it was from just the socialist direction. It wasn’t. It was from the socialists, the libertarians, and the neocons. From every angle of the political spectrum

We have been fighting the wrong battle. There are no answers there.

Time to fight for civilization.

For a return to truth, merit, honor.


Curt Doolittle

(Not to discredit hoppe’s solution to institutions, and his criticism of democracy. )

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