“God’s Three European Languages”


[U]nfortunately Socrates’s criticism applies to all of academia. Or in the new vernacular, all members of the neoreactionary’s ‘Cathedral’ – the replacement of the church and academy with the state and academy under a bizarre form of numerical and technological heresy.

I was thrilled at the church’s restoration of the exorcists today. When the church re-institutes the Templars or Hospitallers and we warriors have moral sanction to restore the church’s property, and the church as opponent to the state, we will rescue not only the church, but the west itself.

But without that sanction the church will continue to decline, and the west with it.

The problem being that the church needs a new knightly order, and to be in an position of desperation.

[M]y current belief is that mysticism is more important to the church than philosophy. And the talents in the church more suitable to mysticism than philosophy. And the third world, not Europe, the church’s economic and intellectual interest. As such the church will not save Europe, and ceases to be a european institution other than ceremonially.

The church created Europa and at present the church may be the only means of saving it.

In Europe god speaks three languages: the science and history of warriors, the reason and allegory of protestants, and the mythology and passion of the catholics.

The church no longer speaks the languages of god.

And Europa is abandoned by her church because of it.

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