A Challenge – Only Hoppe Can Debate Me

—“First they ignore you , then they ridicule you, then they fight you then you win.”—

[O]nly a dishonest man would recommend people not read something, rather than attack the central argument of the author. But then, dishonesty is central to the ghetto ethic, is it not?

If you do not understand the central arguments, that is one thing, but ignorance or incompetence is not a criticism of me, it is a statement about your judgement of the mirror.

So READ this list. Read Hoppe’s Aristocracy, Monarchy, Democracy. Read Mencius – both of these works are criticisms not solutions. These answers are: Organized violence, property-en-toto, property rights by reciprocal insurance, the symmetry of morality and property rights, and the rule of organic evolutionary law, operationally stated and calculatively constrained, praxeology resurrected as operationalism, and science as the struggle to evolve the means of speaking the truth. Watch my videos. And follow me in Propertarianism, as I drag liberty back into aristocracy and out of the medieval ghetto – kicking and screaming against the objection of a generation of failed libertines using the techniques of the marxists, to create a cult of ideology, rather than an operational institutional framework for the restoration of liberty by demonstrable actions.

Ricardo Duchesne: The Uniqueness of Western Civilization
JP Mallory: In Search of Indo Europeans
John Keegan: A History Of Warfare
Joseph Campbell : The Hero’s Journey
Karen Armstrong : The Great Transformation
William Tucker: Marriage and Civilization
Emmanuel Todd: The Explanation of Ideology
Emmanuel Todd: The Invention of Europe
Daniel Hannan: Inventing Freedom
Alan MacFarlane : Origins of English Individualism
Gregory Clark: A Farewell to Alms
Matt Ridley: The Red Queen
Dale Petersen: Demonic Males
Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature
Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow
Francis Fukuyama: Trust Sam Harris : Lying
Steven Pinker : The Blank Slate
Jonathan Haidt: The Righteous Mind
Stephen Hicks : Explaining Postmodernism
Hans Hoppe: Democracy The God That Failed
Doolittle: Propertarianism. High Trust Ethics Necessary for Anarchy

The only person who can compete with the argument that I make is hoppe – just as he did with his new essay – by adopting my positions: the source of liberty is violence, and the only source of liberty the law, and that argumentation is a legal constraint not a functional one. And that only by operationalism – constructing decisions by incentives and available information – is human action rationally and scientifically explicable. 


Curt Doolittle 
The Philosophy of Aristocracy 
The Propertarian Institute 
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