Methodological Ternary-ism: Physical Instrumentation, Logical Instrumentation, Social Instrumentation


This word can be translated as the “mind of God”.

Because this word is used as if referring to the mind of God.

But, this use is a deception in and of itself.

There exists no mind to discover, and no truth to discover: it isn’t hidden. The universe lies bare for us all to see.

So it’s not that anything is hidden from us to uncover.

Instead, we lack the senses to see it, and we lack the mind to comprehend without some means of reducing it to analogy to experience that we can sense and perceive.

So, the problem we face, is not one of knowing the Truth – the mind of God – as if we seek to know the mind of one another.

The problem we face is in compensating for the frailty of our senses, perception, reason by the construction of instruments.

We construct three forms of instruments.

1- Physical Instrumentation (the instruments)
2- Logical Instrumentation (the logics and methods)
3- Social Instrumentation (institutional)

And of three, the third is most important, since it is the hardest to develop and control, because the incentives of individuals are contrary to the production of instrumental measurements.

We – all of us – constitute the third form of instrument – the division of calculation across individuals.

And our only means of producing accurate measures and calculations upon them is to require truthful testimony from one another.

But your take away from this short bit of prose, is that westerners engaged in methodological ternary-ism*, not methodological dualism.

And we didn’t even know that was our art.

I think this problem is now one I can consider solved.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
Kiev Ukraine

*Note: I mean ‘consisting of three’ and nothing more. I wanted to use the extant term “trinitarianism”, but it’s too loaded for practical use.