We Don’t Need To Research Property Any Further

[W]e Don’t Need To Further Research Property – it’s Settled Science.

1) Property that we consider ours, is that which we bear costs to obtain or bear costs if we lose.

2) Property that is necessary within a cooperative kinship group is determined by that which is necessary to prevent free-riding.

3) Property that we demonstrate to others that we consider ours, is determined by what one is willing to defend.

4) Property rights demonstrated by others are limited to the property that others are willing to defend on our behalf.

The question then, is not what is property, but how willing are we to defend the property that we demonstrate.

We don’t need to invent property – or a limit to it.

We need to adjudicate disputes over what we demonstrate to be property ourselves, among our cooperatives and kin, from those who we must defend it from, and those who we ask to help us in that defense.

Every other argument is merely an attempt to gain a discount through verbal deception.

(Punish The Wicked)

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