How Can I Become A Libertarian?

Liber-TINES are under ideological pressure.  And their movement is an abject failure.

Liber-TARIANS (Classical Liberals) are at least if not more so fervent as they were in the past.

You cannot ‘become’ a political bias. It’s very likely a genetic preference that reflects your reproductive strategy. What you can “become” is an advocate of of libertarian institutional solutions (which require voluntary exchange) to problems of political cooperation.

Realistically, libertarianism is an anglo cultural phenomenon, and libertinism (rothbardianism) is a jewish cultural phenomenon.  Both of which rebel against the state.  The Anglo wing (classical liberal) seeks to preserve ‘rights as Englishmen’ under the common law, while preserving the civil society and the production of commons.  The jewish wing (rothbardian) seeks to escape obligations to participate in the civil society, and to prevent free riding upon the commons. 

Both of these movements share only resistance to the state, since the anglo produces commons and the jewish is antithetical to the commons.

Realistically, historically, and logically, both strategies are reflections of group evolutionary strategy that assist each group in surviving competitors.  The main difference is that christians are land holders and must construct commons, and jews are diasporic and must escape paying for commons in order to concentrate capital in the minority membership.

Seen in this rather obvious light, these are not beliefs that are good for all, but strategies we justify because they are in our own interests.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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