How Did The Stereotype Of An Asian Originate?

No one likes the truth, but the evidence is, that stereotypes are often, if not nearly always true, and reflect exaggerations of observed behavior common to a group.  However, like racism, attributing to the individual, observations of the class, is illogical.  We evolved this behavior because it necessary for our survival in many ways.  So while stereotypes may in fact be nearly universally true,  the properties of individuals may in fact represent aggregate representations of a class. But the aggregate representations of a class are not necessarily applicable to an individual. 

My job isn’t to tell people comforting myths, but to tell the truth using empirical evidence, incentives, operational necessities, and evolutionary demands. 
So unfortunately, stereotypes evolve because they reflect generalized exaggerated  observations of demonstrated behaviors.

(Just as asians criticize us white folk on a regular basis for our behaviors – and noses.)

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