Feminists: Be Careful What You Wish For

[T]he first problem for any society is to find positive incentives for men.

Feminism seeks to position men as oppressors – instead of our traditional roles as a compromise. But it is a compromise for both genders.

For most of us, Islamic paternal domination, and daily tribal warfare, or African enslavement of women is a more desirable way to live than the tedium of labor, office, tax, law and family.

In the family, women compromise and men compromise. But, If not, then men will no longer compromise either. They will first abandon society. Then family. Then pursue self interest.
5%,unhappy women just complain. 5% unhappy men without access to sex and marriage cause revolutions every time.

And or tribes are not equal in aggression. The relative docility of Asian males should not obscure the relative aggressiveness of steppe and desert males.

So we compromise or be subjugated. None of us gets our ideal.

Any soldier will in confidence confess that robbing, raping and pillaging is far preferable to sedentary life.

The Romans made a business of it. The Muslims are currently making entertainment out of it.

Men build the world for the benefit of and approval of women.

We can just as easily destroy it if that incentive ends.

Women are along for the ride.

Be careful what you wish for.