Raise The Cost Of Tyranny Through Violence

[T]he only way to obtain liberty is to raise the cost of tyranny, just as the only means of constructing property is to raise the cost of parasitism.

We can raise costs by a) gossip – meaning shaming, b) economic ostracization – meaning boycott, and c) violence.

a) does not work for obvious reasons – the incentives to act as a parasite are superior under redistributive government.

b) does not work, since we are actively prohibited by law from ostracization and separatism.

Therefore (c) violence, is our only choice. Since even with small numbers we can dramatically raise the cost of parasitism upon us, and the destruction of our family and civilization.

Thankfully, at no time in human history, save perhaps during the sea people’s period, has civilizatino been so fragile.

It is the easiest period in which we can restore our liberty.

Or lose it forever.

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