Have We Passed Peak Human?


[O]MG. What if we have passed ‘peak human’ already? What if it is not possible to improve upon late hunter-gatherer genetics, and that urbanization has produced increasingly aggressive, less intelligent, more impulsive peoples?

What if inbreeding, low IQ, higher aggression, and higher reproduction are a superior evolutionary strategy?

Source: Curt Doolittle

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  1. Listen to what wise antiquity has to say about the first men. It will tell you that they were wonderful men, whom beings of a superior order favored with the most important messages. There is unanimity on this point: initiates, philosophers, poets, history, myth, Asia and Europe speak with one voice. Such complete agreement of reason, revelation, and all human traditions constitutes a proof that cannot reasonably be contradicted. Thus, not only did men start with knowledge, but with a knowledge different from and superior to our own, since it penetrated more deeply, which made it the more dangerous. This is why science at the beginning was mysterious and confined within the temples, where the flame finally burned out when once it had no purpose other than to burn….

    It is impossible to think of modern science without seeing it perpetually surrounded by all the apparatus of the mind and every kind of methodological aid…. So far as we can penetrate the mists of time to perceive the science of the earliest days, it always emerges free and independent, flying rather than walking, and presenting in its entire person something aerial and supernatural…. Yet, although it owed nothing to any man and knew no human support, it is no less the case that it possessed the rarest understanding. If you think of it, this is a convincing proof that ancient science had been freed from the travail imposed on our own and that nothing could be more mistaken than the calculations we make on the basis of modern experience….

    – Joseph de Maistre

  2. “What if we have passed ‘peak human’ already?”

    Has not Voltaire himself (and nothing more need be said) admitted that the motto of every nation has always been, The golden age was the first to show itself on earth?

    – Joseph de Maistre, asking a rhetorical question

  3. Humanity’s peak was at its birth. Earlier men were better men, possessed of more incisive intuition and more acute percipience.

    The quality of mankind’s understanding (of the cosmos and of eternity and of truth) inherently deteriorates overtime. This deterioration – inevitable and unrecognized by the mass of men – occurs by virtue of the fall from grace that banished man from divine provenance.

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