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    1: The Daily Shoah 22: “A Propertarian Brunch”

    2: The Daily Shoah 35: “Doolittle Does It Again”

Counter-Currents Radio 6/26/15 “Interview with Curt Doolittle”

           Topics include:

    1. Curt’s background and education
    2. Why truth-telling is the secret to the success of European society
    3. How Europeans have lowered the costs of truth-telling and raised the costs of lying
    4. The emergence of rhetoric, philosophy, and science
    5. The importance of imagination in science and the necessity of criticism to winnow out pure fancies
    6. The subversion of truth-telling in science and politics
    7. Why the 20th century became the era of weaponized pseudoscience
    8. Political correctness vs. truth
    9. How we might restore truth-telling in politics and science

    Note: regrettably, I lost some audio around the 31 minute mark, but fortunately Curt’s narrative remains intelligible. We will have to fill in the gaps in future conversations.

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