Site Update

[I]‘ve finally finished rebuilding the site, repairing all the damage caused by our ISP’s SAN crash last December.  The business has taken all my time over the past five months, so I couldn’t get to it earlier.

– The main menu is working again.  Meaning we’ve restored access to the videos, reading lists and contact page.
– The Glossary now renders correctly.
– The Propertarianism section (The Book) is updated to reflect our change to use of ‘Testimonialism’. (Propertarianism and Operationalism are forms of Criticism under Testimonialism.)
– Edit in place for authors and editors is now functioning – although it still ignores shortcodes when you’re logged in, unfortunately.

– Edit the Glossary to reflect what I’ve learned over the past four years. I will change a lot of it.  But it’s 100,000 words.  And that’s a lot of editing.
– Start working on the “Application” section of Propertarianism.
– Rewrite or complete the Aristocracy section.
– Heavily revise the Debate Section to reflect what I’ve learned.
– Add the Timeline
– Add Mythology Section (literature)
– Produce a few more videos this fall.



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