Will We See A Post-Religious Future?

[G]iven that we see a decline in religiosity.

– Rationalism (rational ethics) increases as IQ increases
– Religiosity (arational ethics) increases as IQ decreases.
– Impulsivity and crime increase as IQ decreases.
– There is a positive correlation between non-criminality and religion as IQ decreases. (The whole “love” thing works really)
– All that differs in people’s behavior is the justification for their actions.
– All people justify their intuitions, they do not rationally choose moral behaviors.
– So whether we are indoctrinated into an arational, or a rational ethic is one of whether we are able to practice arational or rational justifications.
– And conversely, we require both arational and rational ethics to provide for people capable of arational and rational justification.
– Just as we require virtue (imitative), rational (rule based), and empirical (outcome based) ethics for children, adults, and elders.

Marxism, Freudianism, Socialism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Keyensian economics, Cantorian sets, Misesian economics, libertine libertarianism, neo-conservatism, are all pseudoscientific nonsense.

Much of religion is mythical and arational in content, but produces highly desirable results. The purpose of monotheism was the conduct of warfare by pre-state peoples. From iran/india (the same peoples at the time) forward that is the purpose of religion: power.

Just as the purpose of the 19th and 20th century philosophies was to produce ideologies that assisted in the seizure of political power.

So while I am happy we had a reformation. And I am happy that we had Darwin, I am unhappy that the intuitionistic and operationalist revolutions failed – and allowed pseudoscience (lies) to replace myths (allegories).

I wouldn’t be too impressed with myself by thinking the era of religion had passed. Democratic secular socialist humanism is just as nonsensical (as stated) as is any of the main religions of the earth.

Dressing the emperor in new clothes does nothing to change his identity.

I have a vision. That vision is to create the truthful society just as we created the scientific society(the anglo enlightenment), and before it the rational society (the Hellenic enlightenment).

And if we did that we would look at the pseudoscience, outright lies, and propaganda of the 20th century just as we look at the medieval period: an age of mysticism.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.


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