Critique vs Criticism


– Critique is a cosmopolitan discipline(as in Culture of Critique).
– Criticism is a scientific discipline (as in Popperian Criticism).
– Criticism is necessary in order to determine whether a theory survives attempts to falsify it. Critique is a means of loading, framing, framing, overloading, and constructing suggestion by means of deceit.

Moralizing is very different from constructing models of transfers to determine whether thefts have occurred.

–“Are correct incentives what others have called the kool-aid?”–

Correct incentives are those that do not create hazards thereby encouraging parasitism (involuntary transfer), but instead construct incentives for productive voluntary transfers. The counter proposition is that deceit and parasitism are somehow objective ‘goods’, rather than providing a disincentive for cooperation, increasing transaction costs, lower trust, lower economic velocity, lower production and lower consumption. In order to counter this argument one would have to provide a different method of decidabily in the conduct of human interactions. (which will be very difficult)

—“write as more idealistic than moralistic, “—

Well I don’t have to think of it ‘like’ anything, I can categorize it as analogical appeal to subjective preference rather than operation description without appeal to subjective preference.

Source: Curt Doolittle

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