Education: We Do It Wrong.

[W]e do it wrong.

1) Reading and writing.
2) Testimony( witness, grammar, rhetoric, logic, moral law, contract). 3) History(technical,organizational,economic,artistic).
4) Arithmetic( arithmetic, checkbooks, accounting, credit and interest, banking),
5) Mathematics(algebra, trigonometry, statistics, calculus),
6) Economics (micro-economics, institutions of cooperation, macro-economics).
7) Physics(physics, chemistry, biology).

Note the absence of politics and indoctrination.

Get a job as young as you can. Youth employment not immigrant employment. Elderly employment, not immigrant employment.

Travel for a year or two in your late teens. Borrowing to travel is the best investment you can make in your youth. Parochialism is the greatest liability you can most easily overcome. ( Look at the Mormons )

Or do two years in military service learning emergency skills, crowd control, civil defense, and the basics of weapons, fire, movement, communication and fitness.

Then go to college. If you go to college you can learn a skill: a quantitative discipline. Or you can seek entertainment: non-quantitative fields.

College is a *shitty* filter with not enough variation in filtration. Little of it is useful. And universities teach and distribute cathedral ignorance. Learning selflessness, cooperation, variation, emergency and fighting teaches you to be successful regardless of what technical skill you possess.

Then learn a technical skill: the hardest that you can manage and feel confident in using.

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