Getting Un-Lost: It’s All of the Above: Genetic, Cultural, Institutional, Territorial

[I] think I have lost a bunch of you.

It seems we get truth.
It seems we get the high trust society.
It seems we get the western model of truth and trust produce economic velocity.
It seems we get the reproductive division of perception and cognition.
It seems we get that the anglo saxon and classical liberal model could not tolerate the enfranchisement of women and the loss of the church as a separate house of government.
It seems we get the century of mysticism, pseudoscience and propaganda caused by the Jewish century – now at an end.

But now that I venture into history in search of motivation to restore or sense of kin selection, it seems like everyone wants a single axis of causation: genetic, cultural, institutional, territorial.

But it’s all of them. Not one.

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