The Steppe Manufactures Aggression?


  • Africa generated variation because it is actually quite a hostile climate.
    the first waves out were not aggressive people.
  • Each new wave has been more aggressive than the last, and exterminated, raped, mated with, or ate the previous generation.
  • At some point the steppe and desert started breeding aggression because of herding.
  • The steppe took over from Africa as the primary means of evolving increased aggression.
  • This process has continued with the Indian civilization first to be exterminated, then the Iranian and byzantine. Then the many attacks on Europe. The conquest and conversion of Russia to an aggressive steppe culture.
  • Islam is an adaptation of religion for steppe and desert cultures.
  • Islam is the most aggressive religion-political system yet.
  • Only the Chinese are wiling to resist it.

Is this right?

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