Tweak to Positioning the Enligthenents

[C]onversation on positioning with Don the other night. This is how I came away with a minor tweak to the positioning.

Cosmopolitan Ashkenazi, Low Trust, Un-landed, Authoritarian, Anarcho Capitalism
Aristocratic, Anglo, High Trust, Landed, Legal, Anarcho Capitalism
Martial, Germanic, High Trust, Landed, Hierarchical, Tribal/Familial Capitalism.

As far as I can tell the germans were right prior to the conquest of the german civilization by it’s heretical offshoot the anglo civilization.

The anglo method of law is correct but the strategy is incorrect. The german social order strategy is correct, but the justificationary kantian method is incorrect. The Ashkenazi social strategy is incorrect AND the pseudoscientific method is incorrect.

Everyone got the enlightenment at least half wrong.

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