A Catalogue of Lies

Knowledge: Knowing what’s tragic about our current postmodern era, is not the same as knowing what was exceptional about the the modern, medieval, and ancient eras.

The Incremental Suppression of Predation: Requires Property-en-toto, The Common law, Rule of Law, Universal Standing in matters of the commons, and an independent and professional Judiciary.

Rule of Law: Governments cannot make law, only contracts within the law. All else is not Law, but dictate (command).

The Art of Predation: Murder, Violence, Theft, Fraud, Extortion, Externalization, Free-Riding, Conspiracy, Displacement, and Conquest.

The Era Of Deceit: The 20th Century will be remembered in intellectual history as an era of mysticism, pseudoscience, innumeracy, propaganda and deceit.

The Left’s Program of Deceit: The only reason the left could complete its program of deceit was because we failed to protect the informational commons.

Tragedy at each compass point: Progressive lying and theft, conservative ignorance and stupidity, and libertarian cluelessness.

Tactics Must Remain Moral: We can morally adopt some of the tactics of the left (shaming). But we cannot adopt their lying

The Lie of Non-Violence: There is nothing untrue, dishonest, and immoral in the application of violence for the purpose of restitution. Just the opposite.

The Lie of Appeasement: Appeasement of competitors is merely taking a present discount at future cost to your civilization. It’s just theft. It’s deceitful. It’s immoral. Liar

The Lie of Conviction: The difference between convenience and conviction is whether you obtain a discount or pay a cost. Anything else is just excuse.

The Lie of Tolerance: You’re not showing tolerance. You’re failing to pay the high cost of defense. It is what it is. Liar.

The Lie of Democracy: Democracy can choose between priorities in matters of equal interest, but not in matters of competing interest. That’s just majority tyranny, not choice.

The Lie of Assent: Like democracy assent is dishonest. The honest question is whether any dissent is moral. Otherwise assent is just creating an mandatory opportunity for rent seeking.

The Lie of Equality: Not only are we unequal in ability and interest, but male and female reproductive strategies while compatible are in conflict, and the classes while compatible are in competition. To state we are equal in ability or interest is simply a lie to justify the tyranny of majoritarianism, and by consequence parasitic and dysgenic proletarian rule to maintain a parasitic and entrenched and unaccountable monopoly bureaucracy.

The Lie of Conflating individual Law and Familial Commons: The law (a negative) must be constructed for individuals because only individuals can act parasitically, the commons (a positive ) must be constructed for families because only families can reproduce.  All else is mere parasitism off future generations.

The Lie of Intergenerational Parasitism (rather than Intergenerational Cooperation):

The Lie of Economic Innumeracy: —

The Lie of Laundering and Pooling: —

The Lie of Rallying and Shaming:  —

and many more…


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