Alt-Right, Reactionary, or Radical?

[M]y “thing” is truth. Propertarianism solves the problem of cooperation in morally heterogeneous societies by the construction of a market for commons just as we constructed a market for goods and services: but incrementally suppressing parasitism in the production of commons (government) just as we incrementally suppressed parasitism in the production of goods and services (the market).

In that sense I am a radical(progressive), and propertarianism is radical (an alteration of the status quo. That propertarianism alters the status quo by suppressing the parasitism of dysgenic socialists, is either an improvement in truth or a devolution of free riding.

I take the objective and empirical position that independent of human perception, propertarianism provides the means of the pursuit of all forms of capital (including genetic) as well as human experience, by suppressing parasitism, and suppressing the reproduction of parasites, through a one-child policy.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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