Q&A: Boosting our Spirits: Love Your Kin.  Reproduce Your Kin. We Will Win.

—“Curt: Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I misread it; maybe you aren’t so in favor of the continuation of violent types as have come from my family,”—

I am trying to RESTORE violence to political discourse. When I talk about genetic pacification I’m criticizing IMPULSIVITY not violence. I want men to be violent in the suppression of free-riders, criminals, usurpers and invaders. Awarrior, a sheriff, and judge and a king use violence for good. A free-rider, criminal, usurper and invader use it for parasitism. Violence is neither good or bad, it is merely put to good or bad ends. If we abandon violence then we cannot put it to good ends – and we need to.

—“…but you have restored pride and a sense of urgency in me to keep the traditional European family alive. I know my mother, and aunts, and uncles would love to shake your hand for doing that to me, as they long considered me a lost cause, a man “too smart for his own good,” but you have in some ways circled me back home.”—

Well you made my day if not my week. Thank you. Because that is what I want to do. Restore moral authority and intellectual credibility to our aristocratic political system. But the fact that I influenced your life a bit is the best feeling I can hope for.

—“For a while, I considered children and child-rearing as these unexplainably horrendous endeavors, and it must seem that way to people with destroyed heritages, to people who’ve lost the connection to the traditional family structure. … I’m actually visiting my sister’s place right now, with her recent daughter, and her teething cries doesn’t really bother me, because I look at it in a larger, prouder context, thanks to you.”—

—“I see our people going down, the same people who created most of what has ever been great in this word, and having men like you in my life who can give rational reason to not give up, is important to me. It makes me want to find a nice Germanic lass and make 6 kids.”—

OK. Now I’m almost moved to tears. That’s exactly what we need to do.

–“This is what proper parents do for their children; we need to restore the proper family, to head off this dysgenic, infertile decline.”—

Reproduction is also UNDER YOUR CONTROL, where politics, law and the economy are not. You have complete control over it. So, be fertile and prosper.  🙂

Men need to understand the collapse and why it occurred. We have to ignore feminist parasitism and rebellion and restore the family. We can defeat them in a few generations by merely ending immigration of the underclasses, and out-breeding them by two to one.


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