Q&A: Revolution. Will it Result in the ‘Right’ People?

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—“How do we demand a return to an Aristocracy of the right people? This is a steep hill we’re climbing.”—

[T]he right people are impossible to know. And even such, it’s not a matter of choosing the right people. It’s a matter of preventing all the WRONG people. And preventing the wrong people is something that we can do.

Prosecute the bad, and only the good remain. Determine the false, and only true remains.

Fragility is easy to exploit into a cascade.

It was one thing to promise democracy when there was no empirical evidence. But the evidence is in. It’s genocidal. Mostly because women lacked the experience and accountability for the votes that they cast. We got what the majority of women and the minority of men desired: largely by destroying the family and expanding immigration, and transferring reproduction from the middle to the lower classes through aggressive taxation.

The problem for creating momentum in any revolution is that people need an alternative institutional framework to accept, if not advocate, that will solve present problems and provide them with a means of understanding how the future might unfold. So, we need something for them to demand. Just as the founding fathers did. Just as all enlightenment movements did. And it must take a moral high ground.

After that, there are 3 hours of energy, 3 days of water, 6 days of food in the channel, and an economy that cannot tolerate shocks.

Long gone are the days where the multitudes must take to the streets with pitchforks.

A small number of men with a few pages of instructions can do far more damage than the communist insurgents did. A sustained but short period of unpredictability and a positive set of demands will collapse the channels, and the government with it.

All governance is an illusion created by the accumulated momentum of common interests. It is a fragile illusion easily dispelled, which is why governors are so paranoid about the slightest threat.

It’s easy, with just a few thousand. With 1% it’s all but certain. We have more than 1% if we give them actionable direction.

(Look at the middle east.)

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