Should We Stop ‘Dumb’ People from Voting?

[T]he Monarchy (Hereditary self interest), The Nobility (Military Men Who Defend Territory), The Bourgeoisie/House (Business and Finance who produce Goods and Services), The Church/Proletarians (Dependents who require support).

If each of these houses exists, those with related interests can vote for the advocacy of their interests (cultural persistence, military service and security, money and property, a need for commons), but regardless of the size of any constituency, all of them must agree; or at least none of them need object, to the provision of any contract between all (legislation).

The error we made in voting was to dismantle the separation of houses in the belief we could construct an aristocracy of everyone, rather than adding a house for the proletarians upon the collapse of the church under darwin, and the consequential enfranchisement of women. We went from a system of TRADE between the classes (church, commons and lords) to a system of majoritarian tyranny.

Today, single women and minorities rule, despite the fact that if married couples only voted, we would have remained a high trust homogenous society. All left movement, the destruction of the family, political correctness, the great society failure and the opening of our borders has been accomplished by the aggressive left, media and academy as an attack on western civilizations five thousand year tradition of incrementally suppressing parasitism and free riding, and the constant pressure of eugenic reproduction.

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