The Value of Truth Increases with the Scale of the Consequences

[T]he more parsimonious the statement of correspondence the more truth content and decidability. (This is a very loaded sentence.)
As scale increases or decreases, and as consequence increases, and as the number of people affected increase, then the value of truth increases.
Conversely, loose general rules expressed allegorically or in parable of one king or another are equally useful for individual action.
For these reasons we increasingly favor increases in precision (parsimony) as the division of labor and scale of polity have increased.
Because our collective actions are of greater consequences to those external to the decision.
That is the explanation for the value of different systems of thought.
Wisdom can be found many places but truth that survives falsification or criticism is a different thing altogether.
In matters of money or life and death I think most moral men prefer to be adjudicated by truth.

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