Thoughts on Religious Reformation

[C]hristianity: the gradual expiration of impulsive hatred and its replacement with rational justice.

QUESTION: What if the New Testament was our Old Testament and the ‘New’ the Western ethical cannon?

– God (Truth).
– Gods (perfection in individual virtues).
– Those humans who were godlike (demonstrated perfection in life).
– Those humans who worked to be godlike. (but whose names we do not always remember)
– Those humans who refrained from being ungodly.
– Those humans who were ungodly.
– And those humans who were evil.

– Center: God (perfection), Man, Woman, 2boys, 2girls, Earth. (Family + earth)
– North:Sun: Truth, Law, Justice, (War. Masculine)
– East:Fire: Contract, Production, Distribution, Trade
– West:Water: Art, Invention, Knowledge, Craft
– South:Earth: Love, Caretaking, Nurture, Charity (Feminine)

– Monotheism is the folly of conformity to tyranny: that we must be identical slaves, rather than specialists who participate in a division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor and advocacy and inform one another through voluntary cooperation.
– Pick your saint and seek to live as your saint.
– The religion of specialists for an economy of specialists in a heterogeneous polity.

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