Why Rule? Truth.

[E]urope ended at the Sahara. Now Africa ends at the Alps. Soon it will end at the North sea.

It doesn’t take great wisdom to see that the Arab Conquest of north Africa was as great a tragedy as the Arab Conquest of byzantium, and the Arab conquest of Persia.

It doesn’t take great wisdom to see that our efforts at colonization were mixed – where we ruled it added net value, where we exploited it was a criminal theft.

I reject colonialism, but I do not reject rule. The construction of commons and social order are the providence of peoples. The construction of moral order is merely a scientific and absolute truth. Rule = Law. Governance = Contract. Contract=Commons. Commons=Group Strategy. Group Strategy=Group Persistence. Group Persistence=Universal Goal.

Conquest doesn’t stop any more than evolution. Someone will conquer. We must always choose the least bad choice. The least bad means of conquest is Rule.

Rule of law is a moral universal. There is no exception to this rule. Without it we do not cooperate we prey upon one another.

Save Christendom. We cleaned Europe of the Moors. Time to do it again.

Export jurists. Move justice to people not people to justice.

Move capital to people, not people to capital.

We are the only truth tellers.

Spread the truth.

Prosperity will follow.

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