Yes. Postwar Privilege Ended. That’s Why.
[L]ets Look at History:
1) Americans conquered a new continent
2) They sold off this continent to immigrants
3) They sold consumer goods to these immigrants.
4) They caused a collapse in prices in Europe (like china does to americans today)
5) They created new fiat money to give credit to these immigrants.
6) They directed these profits to investment in everything including the 20’s boom.
7) Europeans sought to control german expansion and created the european civil war.
8) The resulting correction and the oppressive settlement with Germany led to the second world war, which was merely an extension of the first, and which destroyed the word’s economy.
9) Americans inherited control of the British empire’s trading lanes and took over as the reserve currency.
10) American workers benefitted from producing expensive but low quality products to a world largely destroyed by war.
12) It took to the 1970’s for the world to reasonably rebuild.
13) In 1990 the effects of Chinese abandonment of communism and their entry into world labor started the dramatic shift in american consumption of consumer goods, just as america had done to Europe more than a century before.
15) In 2007 the rest of the world has largely adopted the same fiat money and consumer capitalist techniques.
16) In 2015, Americans have lost most competitive advantages EXCEPT for their GERMANIC high trust ethics and rule of law.
17) By 2040 Americans will lose their advantage in high trust ethics and rule of law to cultural and genetic conquest.

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