A Conviction, A Prayer, A Threat, and A Promise – Of Violence

—I am not concerned with should, I am concerned with shall. Not in persuasion but compliance. Not in tolerance but in expurgation. Not in compromise but in defeat. Not in accommodation but deportation. And should deportation fail, not conciliation, but in hanging, impaling, crucifixion and pyres. There is a vast difference between convenience and conviction, between discount and premium. Between excuse for inaction and bearing costly action. And those empty verbal “should’s, requests, pleas, and demands”, are a deceit by which to obscure taking an unearned discount,  by justifying inaction, and by inaction, creating a theft from one’s ancestors, ones peers and all generations that might follow. And so there is plenty rope, pole, lumber, and pyre for such lairs, cheaters, and thieves as well as those they pretend to defend, but merely seek to escape the costs of defending against.  And we shall hang, impale, crucify and burn those that fail to act, as well as those who commit violence, lie, cheat and steal in the name of their invasion.—

Violence is a virtue when put to virtuous ends.

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