Revolution Is A Simple Matter To Bring About

[R]evolution requires (a) one weapon: fire (b) shorting power lines (c) blocking roads (d) making police, fire and emergency workers fear to leave their barracks (e) encouraging the military to intervene, (f) collapsing both the economy and the government by the persistence of military occupation, and slowly enfranchising the military so that they take over the government.

We pushed them out of europe before. We can push them out again. If we allied with the Russians and the Chinese we could push them out of existence. They are the enemy of libertarian and authoritarian civilization alike.

The truth is enough. The truth at all costs.

One needs incentive (our genocide), moral authority (we have been lied to), something to demand (a radical restructuring of government), a plan for transition (a body of thought), and a plan by which we raise the cost of the status quo until there is no alternative.

Liberty in our lifetimes.

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  1. William L. Benge
    Centralization, nearly universal in the realm of the coaxed-bribed-disenfranchised west, is the genetic flaw in the system, one allowing a single point of failure. The religion which counters this epidemic also conjoins libertarians, conservatives, blue bloods, and the like, and is called DISPERSED powers by contemporaries in England but DISTRIBUTED (powers) by Americans. By simile, we’d say a house is framed by many well-placed nails, not one or a few. It’s as if the fools were so ecstatic to grant temporal powers to themselves that they cared not about the temporance: the concentration and singularity they created would also greatly simplify the correction.

    For example, in the United States there are fifty sovereignties that must be recognized and which may or may not be asserted at any given point of time. These states may form any sort of alliance they deem necessary, at any given point in time.

    Anyway, back to finance.

    Deny any industry 3 days of transactions (or a financial equivalency), and the entire economy halts.

    William L. Benge
    (the standard)
    The prequel to such an action would be more critical than any other and would include the unveiling of the proverbial parachute; how a society would proceed for the preservation of innocent human life. Conversely, those guilty of injustice and perpetuating corruption would be dealt with and the entire matter handled with the greatest care and precision; civilized. That too would be a matter to be orchestrated and organized. A single injustice would prompt response. The preservation of innocent human life, where ever possible, must be the standard.

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