The Shift In Violence

1) Violence is not less. It shifts from violent to indirect, and transfers from destructive to constructive use. War. Religion. Law. Credit.
2) Violence. Theft shifts from territory and women, to things, to money, to taxation, to credit, to fraud, to free riding, to conspiracy.
3) Much of the world is less violent because of prosperity. The rest is because most thefts like most property is of non-physical things.
4) If I respect life, property, norm, and tradition with expectation of purchasing a future, yet policy steals it from me – why respect it?
5) Much of postmodern theft depends on the perpetuation of habits without the incentive to produce them. We have run out of both.
6)If we no longer have the incentive to respect life, property, norm, and tradition, then why not instead construct an order in which we do?
7) Rule of Law. Strict Construction. Textualism. Property-en-toto. Informational commons. Universal standing. Class Houses. Market Gov’t.

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