The Unification of the Circumpolar People

(trigger warning)

[I]f the Russian president simply ceases his perpetual lying and propaganda, and speaks straight, and does not seek to expand the borders, then Russia will become the leader of the world. Russia is a low trust high corruption society plagued by the problem of oil wealth that must be used to bribe people into compliance with the state. But this is also an advantage: no appeal to popular female sentiment and signaling privilege from the academy.


  • American Utopian High Trust Risk (gambling) – invention
  • British Moralizing high trust (risk taking) – banking
  • German Duty high trust duty (planning) – industry
  • Eastern European low trust low risk – labor
  • Russian nihilistic very low trust – military
  • Chinese perpetual adoration of deception and face as a deliberate strategy of conflict avoidance until amassing overwhelming force. – ie: deceit.

My feeling, evolving over the past decade, is that we should unite against the muslim world which is the existential threat to the circumpolar order. Christian Africa is not a threat. The muslim world is the intellectual cancer of the lower standard deviation that threatens both authoritarian, social democratic (mediterranean and eastern european) and libertarian (hanjal-saxon-british-protestant) civilizations.

We tell people to be tolerant when we should unite to eliminate islam just as we united to eliminate babylon and marxism.

Much of islam was christian and it was undoubtably a better place as such.

(I will certainly get hammered for this one. But it’s where I’m ending up.)

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine