Yes, I Know That Sometimes You Need To Read, and Re-Read…

[Y]ep. You gotta read, re-read, and think about some of the stuff I write. Sorry. I do too.

Writing a proof, which is most of what I try to do, does not mean that I understand all the implications of what I write when I write it. I often go back and say “wow… I wrote that? Without the aid of hallucinogens?”

At the time I wrote it I was doing what you would think of as mathematics or engineering. I don’t always see the implications of it until I review it later.

The degree to which I discover things while attempting to construct proofs is not easy for others to see. But I tend to stumble upon insights I tend only to vaguely intuit, and only understand as I am writing the logical consequences.

This is what Mises meant but could not articulate. I wish I could talk to him for just an hour or two. Same with Hayek.

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