Chivalry and Monogamy: The Female Price for Her Liberty

[A] chivalrous man acts chivalrously in exchange for attention, grace, femininity, beauty and courtesy. The difference between the super-predator and the gentlemen-caretaker is merely the incentive provided to behave as such by women. There is no free ride for the female. Either we get attention and respect, or there is no reason to preserve the pretense of civility, and no currency in chivalry. Chivalry was invented by the church as a means of providing social status for service rather than predation. Feminism is a kleptocratic philosophy – they want everything without paying for it. Seemingly ignorant of the fact that it is just as easy to discipline, abuse, and enslave women as it is to treat them with care. Like marriage, chivalry is a price women pay for their relative liberty, despite their free passage through man’s universe. This is unpleasant, impolitic, but entirely true. Incentives matter.

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